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Inspiritas - a free Bootstrap theme

Ripple, the web agency I’ve co-founded, today announced the highly anticipated release of Campaign UI not only as a PSD, but as a coded and free Bootstrap theme.

  • All the goodness of Bootstrap 2
  • A hand-crafted, completely new visual theme
  • Easy to customize
  • Free and maintained
  • Uses overrides to make future updates to Bootstrap easy to get
  • Photoshop file included with the entire design
  • BONUS: Includes styling for Highcharts charting library

Live preview

Head over to to check it out live.


Inspiritas screenshot

How to use

  1. Fork the repo or download the latest zip.

  2. Drop inspiritas.css into your <head>.

  3. Use it as you would the regular Bootstrap.

It’s that simple.


Check out the README if you want to know how to modify the theme.


We aim to keep this theme maintained and updated. Follow @jonatanlittke and @ripplehq on Twitter for updates, or star the repo.