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All tablets are the best

Which device is better for reading, iPad 4, iPad Mini or Kindle?

I often get this or similar questions from friends. Either it’s about which tablet is best or some other gadget they’ve been looking closely at. Normally the person has spent a lot of time investigating the differences between the two products and their features.

The truth? It doesn’t matter.

No, really.

Comparing feature X with feature Y between two gadgets is an attempt to find happiness and satisfaction. But let me tell you a secret. Happiness and satisfaction comes not from having the best product, but from choosing to be happy with your choice. It matters not if the screen is slightly larger or the device slightly lighter. It certainly doesn’t matter that the Canon D600 has an auto-sensor cleaning functionality which the Canon D550 doesn’t have (but then again the D600 is almost $100 more expensive so the decision is really hard!!).

Happiness and satisfaction comes from a choice. Your choice to be satisfied. I call this personal power.

Personal power is about your ability to create happiness and satisfaction for yourself. Whenever you believe or act like you need things to be in a certain way, you’re giving up personal power.

Personal power is an overarching life principle that we apply here to buying gadgets or comparing products. But it’s something you can learn from in all aspects of life. Whenever you let something disturb you or you depend on someone acting in a certain way for you to remain conscious and satisfied, you’ve given up personal power.

When you realize that you are not dependent on these external factors and that you can choose to be happy regardless, your personal power increases.

So it’s about not becoming dependent. About non-attachment.


Whenever you have expectations, there’s a risk to become disappointed. Disappointment occurs when the expectation was not met. This is almost always bad.

Instead of expectations, choose openness and a willingness to create. If you come to a social gathering with a willingness to create, you’ll remember that happiness comes not from other people, but from your choice to regard all things as good and meet all situations with loving-kindness. In that state, nothing can be taken away from you, because regardless of the outer situation, you’ll always choose your own reaction.

All tablets are the best

Part of my profession as designer and web developers is about constantly checking the cutting-edge updates and patches to products, software and hardware alike. I certainly know and appreciate the difference between a Retina screen and an old, pixly (and slow!) iPad of the 1st generation. I do recommend you to buy product that are high-quality, well tested and worthy of their price.

But many times the key to satisfaction is not with the product itself, it is with you.

When the iPad first came out, it was awesome. It still is, if you decide it is. If, however, you think for yourself, “oh, no, this is not the latest iPad”, or ”this is so heavy. I could have a lighter one”, then you’re stuck in the loop of depending on perfected external circumstances, and that makes you weak, demanding and inflexible. And it’s expensive, too.

So. All tablets really are the best. Don’t be fooled thinking you’ll be more happy with either one. Instead decide to be happy with whichever you choose.

Good luck!

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