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Pretty pixels aren't enough

I am super excited to inform you that today we’re launching an entirely new product which we believe will bring about great changes in the way we build, design and think about the pixels of our apps.

Design has taken over technology and rightly so. Yet for all its glory, a lot of design is still being created without knowing how it will be received. We’re designing in isolation from users, often guessing or assuming their behavior.

For example, I am in awe and envy of all the amazing pixels and designers at Dribbble. But I have to remind myself that much of what is posted there hasn’t been tested in the field.

So that’s when the question comes to mind. Do these pixels work? Do my pixels sell? Do they convey the message I want them to?

For app designers in particular, finding the answers to those questions has been hard.

Today we want to change that.

We think we’ve been able to build something that’s both beautiful, simple to use and very efficient.

Lookback - public website

We like to say that Lookback is a tool for collecting user experiences. What it does is that it records the screen, the touches, the sound and the facial expressions of people using your iOS apps. These recordings — or experiences — are then compiled and made instantly available to you in our web interface.

To record an experience, you need no further equipment than the device running the app. You simply integrate Lookback in your app, make a new build and distribute it to the people you want to test the app. These persons start a new recording within Lookback’s embeddable settings and their experiences are then automatically uploaded whenever they use your app.

Lookback - web UI
Lookback - app intergration

We’re launching a private beta with selected partners today and will start inviting more as soon as we’re ready.

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