Jonatan Littke

Entrepreneur & dreamer. Mission: the well-being of humanity.


Hi there 👋

My name is Jonatan Littke, I'm a founder, maker, dreamer. Originally from Sweden, living in Silicon Valley with my wife and three kids.

Projects & Workplaces side project, a quick journaling app for collective growth
Lookback co-founder, the user research company with thousands of customers like Instagram, Netflix and Nike
GosuGamers co-founder, the largest eSports media outlet in the world
Ripple co-founder, a Swedish design and development agency
Spotify designer & developer, the world's most popular audio streaming platform
DreamHack developer & eSports organizer, the world's largest digital festival

- To help Silicon Valley transform itself into building technology that benefits everyone
- To dare to continuously identify and improve on my weaknesses and mistakes, no matter how large
- To gravitate increasingly towards the perspectives of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor (the "Six Heart Virtues") 
- To love others as if they were as important as myself



Entrepreneurship  Engineering  Design  Product management  Fundraising  Dreaming 

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